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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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There was a grandmother and her grandson in the car cruising around.

The grandma stopped at a bookstore and found a bumper sticker that said Honk if You Love Jesus. So, she bought it n put it in the back of her car.

She got in the car, pulled out and then stopped at the red light.

Suddenly, people started honking and she says, "Gosh... lots of people must love Jesus. Here grandson was thinking to himself, "I think they are mad because the light is green, but I don't want to make grandmas feel bad."

Suddenly a guy swerved around her car and buzzed by holding up his middle finger.

She asked her grandson what that meant and he said it must be a Hawaiian peace sign (although he knew what it actually meant).

Then she noticed the light was green and she drove off waving the Hawaiian peace sign to everyone!

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