Top 10 Houses to Avoid During Trick-or-Treating

Friday, October 30, 2009

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Here are the Top 10 Types of Houses that your should take special care to avoid during Trick-or-Treating:

10. Any house that seems to be sinking or imploding into a hole in the ground.

9. Any house made of gingerbread with lots of frosting.

8. Any house that has ornamental lawn Hell Hounds and Gargoyles.

7. Any house whose only entrance is through the basement.

6. Any house where all the windows are glowing with eerie green or red light.

5. Any house that keeps growling, "Get out" or "Come in"

4. Any house where the trophy animal heads on the walls are moving or talking.

3. Any house that has a bloody wood chipper prominently displayed in the front yard and is running.

2. Any house with a yard full of statues of people in odd running poses.

1. Any house that wasn't there a couple of minutes ago.

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